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Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Horse Whisperer and Smiling Horses

"The Horse Whisperer." It is amazing how horses have an innate ability to be gentle with another gentle spirit. Horses have such a mystique about them. I Love the way they smell, the sound they make when they munch on the soft grass, the gentle nudge from the nose to let you know they are glad your here, the knowing look when they trust you. Horses, like people, want their privacy. I know when my guys want to be away from humans, and  when they yearn for a friendly touch. My grandson says he knows when they are smiling. That may be true; nurturing children, and animals have many similarities. They both require patients, an ability to look them in the eyes and tell if they feel sick or sad. Horses, like children must know that there are boundaries they can't cross, and forgiveness if they do.  Do you have a story about horse sense that you would like to share?

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