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Friday, February 24, 2012

Bohemian Style- Magnolia Pearl

Inspiration can come at you from any direction, in many forms. For me, I have found inspiration in a Textiles artist named Magnolia Pearl also known as Robin Brown. Many of you are sure to know her, as she  transcends beyond clothing designs and now inspires others with her unique application to Victorian Style. For me, she has quietly become a mentor. We both were born in the mid-sixties, and were influenced by the Bohemian Styles of the time that flourished in the early seventies. She does a show every fall and spring at Marburger Farms in Round Top Texas. Oddly, I have no talent whatsoever in sewing, but I do enjoy writing, and find that I must be surrounded by beautiful things in order to write. I enjoy decorating, and  can sew just enough to apply her unique brand of "Layering" to some of my treasures I find at flea markets. I no longer enjoy new furniture; I prefer dinged, chipped, and a bit worn, just like me. You can find her website at magnoliapearl.com. Her book, "A Bit of Velvet, and a Dash of Lace" is filled with beautiful pictures of her home in the Hill Country. It is one of those books you will enjoy often. What about you? Do find inspiration from unexpected places? I'd like to hear your story.


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    1. Thank you for the info; I am very new at this and appreciate the suggestion and will make adjustments for sure.
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